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Who We Are

Sunday SchoolGethsemane is a church where you can come just as you are.  We are an inclusive & welcoming community of faith.  Everyone is welcome!


We practice open Communion.  You need not be a member of the congregation.  We welcome all followers of Jesus Christ to share in the Holy Communion instituted by Jesus for the assurance of forgiveness of our sins.


Women are full partners in all aspects of leadership here at Gethsemane. Across our denomination women serve as pastors, bishops, theologians, and professional leaders.


We value children and seek to help them know the same love of God that we have experience in Jesus Christ.   Children participate fully in worship.  Even though children don’t understand everything about worship, their values and understanding are being shaped through the community of love and the experiences of others in faith.


We believe in the Bible.  The scriptures are inspired by the Holy Spirit for the life of faith.  The living Word invites us into a relationship with the living God made known to us in Jesus Christ.  We practice devotional reading of the Bible and we also seek to understand the historical and literary context of the text in order to properly interpret its meaning for today.


We believe in generosity.  Knowing that God is creator and thereby owner of all that exists and that we have experienced generosity from God ourselves, we cannot help but want to share and give back.  As we have been blessed, we affirm that we have been blessed to be a blessing to others.  Therefore we willing share of our resources to support Christ’s mission through Gethsemane and the community at-large through local food pantries in Milwaukee and Waukesha counties to empower the poor and homeless.  We find great joy in sharing of our time, talent, and money.



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