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A message from the Council President Peter Johnson 6/22/2020

The Council continues to thank members of Gethsemane for their support and patience the following past few months.
As a church, we are grateful for your continued financial support and moral support as we wade through new waters. We feel that our safety approaches with the advent of the corona virus have been conservative, but representative of best practices.
We do have some new information to share with you relative to reopening.
Under Pastor Karen’s leadership, our Church Reopening Taskforce ( Pastor, Gladys O., Ron R., Gary D., Cheryl P., and Erica W.) have done some remarkable research and planning about safe church reopening practices. We have targeted July 19th as our reopening Sunday. Prior to July 19th, all members will receive a letter in the mail that outlines the procedures and protocols for reopening. The same information will also go out in an email. Included in the written protocols will be a breakdown of church entry, seating, use of materials for worship, communion, and other safety measures relative to the service. Reuniting in the prescribed manner will be joyful but still somewhat limiting in order to ensure everyone’s safety. The Council asks for your understanding and fidelity to the new procedures as we reconvene in our church building.
Such procedures may shift week by week as we work things out. The task force will continue to assess and make recommendations based on weekly observations. Our Music Director, Gary Dennison, will also contact his music/choir volunteers to put together weekly music components that fit into the prescribed safety procedures. Communication will be key and we will take various avenues to keep you aptly informed as we maneuver through the weeks following July 19th.
We are also working to make the service available through the internet. The church now has a Zoom account. With Zoom, members  can access the service by using their own computer, iPad, or smartphone in the comfort of their home. In this manner, members who feel safer worshiping at home can do so “along” with the members who return to the church sanctuary. We are having a representative of a tech company visit our church this week to assess our current office computers which are outdated and to help us also assess our capabilities in videoing our live service.
During the week of July 5th, Pastor Karen will transition from daily messages to a primary Sunday message and a Wednesday (midweek) message. On July 19th she will just concentrate on the Sunday worship service and message without any midweek message. The Council is grateful for her daily communications during the past months and the manner in which she has linked us together with Christ.
On another rather exciting front, Pastor Karen and I will be meeting with staff and lay representatives from St. John’s (ELCA) of Brookfield ( 5 miles from Gethsemane). This is our second meeting exploring the concept of “church collaboration.” We met in February just before the pandemic and decided to reunite for a second conversation at this time.
Very briefly, our two churches may have an opportunity to bond in a collaborative relationship while maintaining our independent campuses and supporting each other in new ways. This concept has been successful for churches like ours who have ventured into a more formal relationship with larger churches. The goal is to help the two churches by sharing similar goals and outreach activities. Being able to also share talents and some of our more limited resources is also intriguing. Since both of our churches each have “healthy” infrastructure and welcoming congregations, along with our investment in outreach and spreading God’s Word, it may be a very welcome and forward-thinking initiative. 
More on the collaboration will be shared as meetings take place. Also, additional members may be asked to join the group as it looks at the merits and possible challenges of such a relationship. Stay tuned.
Our new sign has been completed on paper and awaits final review and approval for construction. It is very attractive and will be a valuable message board for the community and our church congregation. Our newly revised website is moving forward and now under review and final construction with possible input from an outside consultant.
Be sure to thank Cindi Gonzalez for hundreds of hours of work on these important projects when you see her. Enough words can't express the Council’s gratitude.
The Gonzalez family also thanks the congregation and their friends for the financial support rendered for the church child and family they have taken under their wings. The “Go Fund Me” page is still a link for anyone who would like to help out. Please contact Cindi for more information about the fund and its intent in helping the family move forward.)
A special thanks go to members of the MET team who continue to develop a report that will reflect goals and objectives from the Council that will provide direction in our search for a pastor and a roadmap for the future of our church, In the meantime, the Captain at the MET helm continues to earn stripes for her devoted and skillful leadership in this initiative and in so many other aspects of the church. A hearty salute to Pastor Karen.
Yours in Christ, 
Peter Johnson, Council President





Gethsemane Lutheran Church is a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA) and the Greater Milwaukee Synod. Gethsemane is a house of hospitality built on the foundation of sharing the living faith in Jesus Christ. 


For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me. ~Matthew 25:35



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Gethsemane reaches out to welcome you. Looking for a church that you can call home? We are a church where everyone who visits is important because you are a gift from God.


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I want to personally welcome you to Gethsemane. If you are looking for a church home that has a small family feel, this is the place for you. Whether you are new at discovering who God is, or are ready for a  deeper engagement in Christian community and God's work, you are welcome here! If you haven't already, a great first place to start is to join us for worship on Sunday's at 9:15am. This is the main event where the community gathers. In the beginning we take time to say Hello to each other and to our visitors. We serve communion every week and you are welcome to receive it.You'll also start to hear about the work we do and 

social events we host. For the most current news, check us out on our website and Facebook. 

I look forward to meeting you.

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